by: Kelly R. on 2016-03-18

How I Made $1800 Selling Digital Goods Last Month

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I’m a stay-at-home mom and if you’re like me, you understand the financial struggle of living as a one income family. In the past, I’ve dabbled in areas such as multi-level-marketing and other work-at-home gigs, but nothing was very profitable. Plus, most of my earnings went to someone else. Then I discovered the world of selling digital goods—particularly through Pinterest. The solution was simple: I create a product which requires virtually no cost (only a working computer with basic software—something I will get to later in this post), I post it on an online selling platform, and I simply wait to see if it gains interest. Amazingly, it did! Here’s how I did it.

Why Digital Goods

Digital goods are very profitable because they are intangible. Think about it. Endless inventory and absolutely no risk. If I post something that performs lousy on the market, there was no loss to me except for the time it took to create the product. You also don’t have to deal with shipping and refunds for dissatisfied customers are no big deal since you have no real loss. I love this market for these reasons.

First, Create Your Product

I began with printables, but really any digital product is up for grabs. Printables were ideal for me since they are easy to create and lately they’ve gained popularity on Pinterest. I figured if I created something that gains popularity on Pinterest, I was bound to receive sales.

When I started out, I used very basic software such as Microsoft Word and Publisher—only until recently have I started using more advanced programs like the Adobe Suite. This goes to show that you can be profitable even with the most basic programs. Below is a recent printable I created:

How I made $1800 selling digital goods last month

This printable is super simple and I’ve received a few sales on it already. Perhaps it could use some work, but I’ve realized that if I get better at this, I can make even more money.

Printables are an especially easy market because the possibilities are endless. People love printable quotes and designs. Other ideas include printable labels, planners, calendars, to-do lists, shopping lists, banners, gift tags, business cards…the list goes on. I’ve dabbled in a few areas but I plan to explore many more than I already have.

Selling Your Product

I needed a place to sell my products, but I know nothing about web design nor did I want to face the task of running my own merchant account. I just wanted to post my products somewhere and only worry about promoting them. The platform I use is dgoodz which is a straightforward platform. The nice thing about this site is it allows me to mass upload my products. Most of the time, I create 10 printables at a time and so I can easily drag and drop them all at once. This is what the uploader looks like:

How I made $1800 selling digital goods last month

After everything is uploaded, I can then edit the product’s title, price, and description:

How I made $1800 selling digital goods last month

I usually set the price low because I figure people won’t spend more than $2 on something so simple unless it is a design that takes longer to make. With those, I will sell for closer to $5. But this printable was easy to make. Yes, I realize this doesn’t seem like much money but the key to selling these kinds of products is producing a large amount of them. I also make sure my description tells exactly what they are getting and how they can use it.

The next step has played a crucial role in my surprising success: promoting the product using high quality images. Dgoodz can generate images of your product for you, but I like to go a step further and create my own for the product. I do this by presenting the product as it is meant to be used (I put my logo on my images to make sure they are not used without permission):

How I made $1800 selling digital goods last month

When I displayed my products nicely, my sales really started to increase. This is what my product page looks like for this printable:

How I made $1800 selling digital goods last month

Yes, it might just be a simple digital file that I am selling but it’s far more tempting to purchase when it is displayed so nicely.

So, my friends. This is how I’ve managed to pull in extra money as a stay-at-home mom using only time and creativity.

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