by: Melissa K on 2016-03-17

Easy Ways to Promote Your Business with Pinterest


For many, it’s a no brainer. Businesses find this social media platform a more effective tool for marketing than even Facebook and Twitter. This is because the “repins” are far more spreadable than a “retweet” or a “repost”. Consider these Pinterest user statistics:

Aside from pinning the latest fashion trends or recipes for tonight’s dinner, Pinterest shows great strength for integrating business marketing. Yes, the majority of the market is female which perhaps alters your marketing strategy depending on your product; however, the amount of exposure Pinterest brings to your business makes this platform extremely valuable.

Pinterest is a major driver of online traffic.

The average value of sales coming from Pinterest referrals is $50—higher than any other social media platform!

Over 2 million people pin product pins per day.

Over 90% of users use Pinterest to plan their future purchases.

On average, each pin is worth around 78 cents in sales, drives two site visits and six pageviews, and is repinned around 10 times.

How to Get Started on Pinterest for Business

Easy Ways to Promote your Business with Pinterest

A Pinterest Business account is very different from a personal account. This is very important. If you haven’t already created a business account, this is the first place to start. Doing so allows you to tap into Pinterest as effectively as possible. Your business account will include the following:

The key to successful marketing on Pinterest is creating popular pins. Because Pinterest was created to be a visual search engine, you must focus on your images as well as your content. If it is not searchable or pleasing to the eye, it may not be repinned. This can be a complex task of understanding what your followers search for and how to cater to their needs.


Understanding the most popular Pinterest categories is a great start. This will give you a better idea of where your product will fit into the platform. The most popular categories include the following:

  1. Food and Drink
  2. DIY and Crafts
  3. Home Decor
  4. Women's Fashion
  5. Other
  6. Weddings
  7. Design

These categories give you a better idea of how to stay relevant on Pinterest—however, it is also important to avoid areas of which your business has nothing to do.

Focusing on Images

Easy Ways to Promote your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest is a very visual site. Your pins must be visually appealing to gain attention. Consider the following:

Optimizing Your Pins

There are also important strategies to consider when creating your pins:

  1. Best times to pin: Generally, the best times to pin are between 2pm and 4pm EST as well as between 8pm and 1am EST. It has also been shown that pins receive the most repinns when they are first pinned on a Saturday.

  2. Make the content of your business website easily pinnable such as by adding a hovering Pin it button to any image on your site.

  3. Connect your pins with other social media platforms. This allows you to bring in followers from other networks rather than facing the difficult task of bringing in a new group of followers on Pinterest alone.

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