by: Melissa K. on 2016-03-16

5 Methods to Make your Product Go Viral


Facebook has over 1.5 billion active users with over 1 billion of those users being active on a daily basis. This social media enterprise is without a doubt the first place to promote your product. A single users like indicates their interest in seeing more information on their newsfeed about their business. Obtaining these likes can be a tricky task because there is a delicate balance between spammy promotion and successful promotion which encourages user interaction and reaction.

So how is this accomplished? Based on observing some of the most successful marketing campaigns on Facebook, Ive gathered a list of 20 methods which give your product the potential to go viral.

Method #1: Like vs Share

This is an excellent method for engaging your potential consumers while it also obtains likes and shares. Simply post an image showcasing two products side-by-side with one labeled like and one labeled share. Ask your followers to choose their favorite product by either liking or sharing your post.

Method #2: Fill in the Blank

Be sure to make this around one sentence with a blank line for your followers to complete. For example,

The average user cannot resist a fill in the blank--many will even tag a friend. This encourages your followers to talk about your products and it has great potential for recruiting new followers.

Method #3: Polls

Polls are a simple way to engage your followers. Ask a question and give your product choices as optional answers. For example, a beverage company may ask which of their line of drinks a consumer may prefer. Again, this is an example of where consumer engagement can really promote your product.

Method #4 Product Preference

Ask your followers to choose which of your products they like the best.

Method #5: Caption This

This approach can be fun for users as you ask them to caption an image, video, or other type of post. In many cases it is a humorous post which somehow integrates your product.

Other Useful Strategies

Take advantage of tagging! Any time you update your status, tag your business using the @ symbol. Heres another hint: Try tagging a third party brand into your update. Your message will show up on their wall and you will successfully be promoting your own Facebook page.

Be sure and engage with other users! Respond to them, encourage them, and like their content! An engaged user is more likely to click on your brand name and may even like your page.

Share third party content such as a useful article or an inspirational quotethis makes you appear human.

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